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Our Approach

Graphic of our approach: highlighting the words transform, change, and lead

Organizational Excellence serves to guide, facilitate, enable, and foster strategic organizational development and improvement initiatives that are of high-importance and value to Virginia Tech. By serving as trusted internal consulting partners to university leaders as they seek to bring about meaningful change, we help to achieve overall excellence in their respective areas and across the university, and make significant progress toward strategic goals.

At the core of everything we do likes a focus on transformational change. 

We know that opportunities to transform and advance the university’s vision, to proactively drive change, and to lead our teams into new frontiers will require strong leadership awareness and support, attention to people’s needs to successfully navigate transition and change, effective communication, and the application of best practices, new technologies, and efficient processes.

To that end, we bring expertise in change management, organizational development, organizational excellence and efficiency, leadership and organizational culture development, and leadership advising, with transformative change as our central mindset.