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Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Working to advance strategic presidential initiatives and address issues that impact the institution across the complex university landscape

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Portrait of Lisa Wilkes standing in front of a wall of Hokie Stone.

Lisa Wilkes

Wilkes’ vast administrative and operational leadership provides a unique and important skill set for this critical position. She has the reputation for not shying away from challenges, embracing opportunities, and delivering results.

Transformational leadership best describes much of her work. Over the past several years, she has led many programs that advance the university’s culture of excellence and has been instrumental in highlighting focused needs for the university.   Learn more >


Current Strategic Initiatives

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    Caregiving , redirect

    Recognizing the growing concerns among faculty, staff, and students regarding the availability of affordable, quality care and early education, Virginia Tech established a caregiving initiative to develop a vision and strategy for the future of caregiving in support of the university community

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    Organizational Excellence
    Organizational Excellence , home

    Offering consulting and support services to help campus leaders bring about meaningful change and make significant progress towards strategic goals across the university