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Change Management

What is Change Management? A circular graphic shows an outer ring with Institutes and Colleges, a middle interior ring with Departments and Teams, and an inner ring with Individuals

Change Management is a practice that applies research-based, and practically proven, planning and strategies to help individuals understand and adopt new ways of working in a positive and productive way.

While there are many Change Management models available to guide a practice, our core model for individual change is based on the Prosci ADKAR Model®.

Applying the Prosci ADKAR Model draws on an understanding that at the center of successful change are the individuals that make up the multiple levels and units of an organization. At the heart of a proactive and structured practice to organizational changes is a focus on the needs of individuals as they move the various stages of change.

Why Change Management?


With the driving pace of large scale transformation that is taking place across higher education and the business world that we partner with, there is an ongoing need to proactively address and respond to the needs of people going through change.

Effective Change Management seeks to proactively support:

  1. Employee Engagement: when people are actively involved in the change process, they will feel more valued and engaged.  Meaningful engagement fosters open communication and allows employees to express their concerns and contribute new ideas.
  2. Reduction of Stress and Resistance: uncertainty and ambiguity around change can cause stress and drive resistance to new ways of working together.  Change management provides clarity, identifies roadblocks, and respectfully supports people through the change journey.

When Change Management helps people to explore, understand, and internalize what the changes mean for them, their team, and their shared communities, they can adopt the changes more quickly while reducing impacts to performance and increasing the likelihood of change success.

Through PageUp, Organizational Excellence curates a variety of online learning experiences to help build your understanding of change management best practices and approaches.

Current offerings are:

Change Managment Learning Opportunities: Understand Change Management/ Help Others Through Change

Organizational Excellence is also available to work directly with teams and leaders to build change resilience and plan for coming change initiatives.  Please reach out for more information:

If you are interested in building change maturity and resilience within your team and across our university, please consider becoming a member of the Virginia Tech Change Management Community of Practice.